The Subject Tutoring Program and Math Resource Center offer free individual and/or group tutoring for students enrolled in many 100 and 200 level courses in the College of Science and Math and the College of Liberal Arts.

For information on current course offerings, please visit our Wikispace.

Other Tutorial Resources

For Physics tutoring, please contact the Physics department directly.

For tutoring in the Reading, Writing and Study Strategies Center (RWSSC), please go to Academic Support Programs at CC-1-1300.

To find out about tutoring in other UMB colleges, such as the College of Management or the College of Nursing, please contact the college directly.

If this is the first time you are making an online request for a tutor, you must register first.
If you have registered online for tutoring in a previous semester, you will need to log in to your student profile to request a course, check your profile information for accuracy and include your schedule information for the current semester.



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