Academic Support Tutoring Agreement
How to Make the Best Use of Your Tutorial
Guidelines for Tutees
It is your responsibility to read, and adhere to, the following guidelines before you begin to receive tutoring. If you have any questions, please email or speak with program staff on the 8th floor, Healey Library (9am-5pm Monday through Friday).
  1. Tutoring is only available to students in 100-200 level College of Liberal Arts and/or College of Science and Mathematics courses, in which they are registered. Tutoring is offered on an individual or group basis, dependent upon tutor availability and demands for tutoring in a course. If a student starts out with an individual tutor, he/she may be joined at any time by other students who have been assigned to the tutor by the department.
  2. Look upon your tutorial as time devoted to the course subject above and beyond attending lectures, discussion sessions, and/or class meetings. A tutorial won’t make up for a long absence from class or for a lack of commitment to studying the course material. Participate in your tutorial sessions as you would in your classroom. Come to your tutoring session prepared with questions and/or concepts you wish to review with the tutor. Note: tutors do not work on graded assignments, including take-home exams and graded problem sets. Bring all course materials you will need, including syllabus, notes, and textbook, to your tutoring session. Tutors do not provide copies of the textbook or other materials.
  3. If you are having difficulties with the course material, the first person you should ask for help is the instructor. He or she has set aside office hours specifically to answer your questions and assist you with your difficulties.
  4. Come to your tutorial on time. It is your responsibility to cancel your appointment in the time period required by following the program cancellation policies and procedures. Exceeding the number of no shows for the semester could lead to losing access to tutoring for the semester. To review cancellation procedures go to the Subject Tutoring Program blog at
  5. For individual tutoring, you may receive up to 1 hour a week per course or up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of a group session (group time subject to scheduling) per week, per course.
  6. All tutoring must take place on campus, either on the 8th floor of the Healey library or other campus study locations, as determined by Subject Tutoring Program policies. Tutoring in the residence halls may take place on the first floor, only. Off campus tutoring is not allowed under any circumstances
After you register for your account, review the guidelines for tutees and other documents, available on the Subject Tutoring Program blog at

Click on I ACCEPT to agree to these guidelines and continue on to registration.

If you DECLINE, you will not be able to register for tutoring. Please go to the Subject Tutoring Program front desk, 8th floor, Healey Library Programs, if you have any questions.